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How to remove a splinter from the palm of your hand

Hold a match inside a glass to heat it. Place glass on palm and the vacuum will pull out the splinter.


Cut on hand

Peel of some of the lining of the shell of a hard-boiled egg. Place on cut and leave for 3 days.


Apply the Bach Flower - Rescue Remedy or preferably Revital Remedy from Crystal Herbs (01379 608059).



Mash up cloves with olive oil in a mortar and pestle. Place a plug of cotton wool soaked in mashed cloves and olive oil on painful tooth.


Black eye

Rub with a shelled hard-boiled egg.



Place hands in a bowl of water containing ice cubes.


Septic spots

Put on antibiotic cream and cover with a plaster.


Mosquito bites

Cover with the inside of a banana skin.

Have sufficient good quality sleep

Helios (01982 537254) market ‘sleep drops’ derived from Bach flowers and gem essences. A suggested dose is 6 drops morning and evening.


Eat healthy foods

Such as fibre rich complex carbohydrates, e.g.  oats, brown rice, quinoa, beans, lentils and chickpeas and green leafy vegetables (that contain magnesium for stress control).


As a last resort

Come for a Vegatest. For example, unhealthy intestinal microflora (dysbiosis), food intolerances, adrenal exhaustion, environmental toxicity and liver stress can cause deteriorating health.   

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