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Interference fields and their effect on health.

Written by Stephen Bourne MB BS, MRCGP, Dip Homotox (Hons)

Last updated: Wednesday, 7 October 2020 

"The Lord is my shepherd. He lays me down in green pastures. He leads me beside tranquil waters. He restores my soul."

- Twenty-third psalm

This awesome prose intimates a pastoral people, who are spiritually refreshed by living in healthy locations among sheep and near tranquil lakes and rivers.

The ancient Chinese, whose concept of feng shui is well known, and wealthy landowners in Europe, prior to the industrial revolution, also knew that sheep are attracted to healthy locations, and they selected sites favoured by sheep for their homesteads. Modern people choose to go on holiday by ‘tranquil waters’ and mountains where they feel enervated. It follows that if some locations are particularly healthy then other locations are less so.

The earth’s normal healthy electromagnetic field (Schumann waves) is 7.83Hz. Dowsers refer to unhealthy earth energies (lower spiky irregular frequencies) as ‘interference or disturbance fields’. When these occur naturally, they are known as geopathic (GS) stress or earth radiation, and when caused by electrical installations or by galvanic currents in dental amalgam as electromagnetic pollution (EMP). EMP can cause a build-up of static electricity in the body with pathogenic oxidising negative ions (see earthing below).

Mankind, sheep, dogs and horses do not thrive in interference zones. Although oak trees do thrive, the majority of trees and plants exhibit stunted growth. A typical GS scenario is an oak tree being struck by lightning, (oaks thrive in GS zones and GS attracts lightning), with cats (associated with witches and black magic – cats like GS zones that would be harmful to humans), and ants and beetles, all of which thrive in GS. This difference among the species stems from variations in species specific biological resonance frequencies. Bio regulation is governed by coherent informational bio resonance signals (neurotransmitters and hormones), which are liable to be ‘interfered with’ by geopathic stress (GS) and electromagnetic pollution (EMP).

GS can be associated with subterranean running water, mineral deposits, geological fault lines and underground cavities. It mostly occurs as narrow bands (9 – 36 inches wide).

EMP can be caused high voltage power cables, radio and mobile phone transmitting masts, mobile phones, heavy-duty transformers, computers, WI-FI, radioactivity and X-rays, microwaves and televisions. Children should sit at least three feet away from a television set. Amalgam dental fillings with associated galvanic currents are a common cause of electrical stress. Mercury molecules from dental mercury implants are liable to get into the brain and act as aerials that attract GS and EMP, which can cause of brain cancer.


Dowsing is regarded as unscientific by the orthodox scientific establishment, in spite of the military using dowsers to detect unexploded bombs, the oil industry to detect oil and the established practice of water divining.

Dowsing rods

When detecting geopathic stress, most dowsers use two right-angled steel rods. The shorter vertical sections are generally encased in hand held sheaths, which enable the rods to swivel. The horizontal parts of the rods are held parallel to the ground in front of the dowser’s chest and aligned with the dowser’s own force field (aura), so that they point forwards.  The dowser then moves slowly through the area being investigated, thinking that the rods will remain pointing forwards until an interference field is entered. A sideways movement of the dowsing rods indicates an interference field. Dowsing rods can be constructed from wire coat hangers with the shorter sections swivelling in biro shells (optional), or purchased from the British Society of Dowsers ( Additional information on dowsing can be found in the book, ‘Are you Sleeping in a Safe Place’ (see further reading).

Pendulum dowsing

To check your aptitude for pendulum dowsing, first make a simple pendulum by attaching a paper clip to a six-inch length of cotton. Hold the cotton between the finger and thumb of your right hand about four inches from the paper clip. Point your finger and thumb towards the floor over the open palm of your left hand so that the paper clip clears the palm by about a centimetre. Gently swing the paper clip towards you and away from you. If you can dowse, it should start rotating clockwise. Repeat the procedure over the back of your left hand when it should rotate anticlockwise. It is important to put your mind into a neutral mode because thinking can influence the movement of the pendulum. Next, dowse over a salt container (clockwise), a pepper container (anticlockwise), toxic cleaning material (anticlockwise), a small battery (anticlockwise), a mobile phone (anticlockwise), a pencil, (clockwise one end and anticlockwise the other) and over your WIFI router (anticlockwise). If you feel comfortable doing all this you are able to dowse.

To assess the electromagnetic health of a location, some dowsers use a Bovis Biometer (obtainable on the Net). This is a printed calibrated vertical scale between 0 to10,000 units.  Neutral is 6,500 units. The Biometer should be positioned north – south prior to testing. The reading in an unhealthy location could be in the order of 4000 units, and in healthy location 8500 units. When testing, the pendulum rotates clockwise over the relevant reading. The Bovis scale can be used to help check the electromagnetic health of locations and to monitor the effect of electro smog neutralising devices.

In his book, ‘Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place?’ Rolf Gordon recommends using a pendulum with a 180-degree dowsing dial. Readings to the right of vertical (90 degrees) are healthy and those to the left are unhealthy.

Research and geopathic stress

In 1929, Baron Freiherr von Pohl, a German dowser, mapped out geopathically stressed areas in houses in Vilsbiburg, South Germany (Bavaria). When he mapped out the zones, he did not know the locations of the houses of the local residents, who had been treated for cancer at the local hospital, and who had subsequently died. After he had identified the GS zones, the German Central Committee for Cancer Research in Berlin independently checked the addresses of all the ‘cancer houses’ from local hospital records. The Committee found that the residences of all fifty-four cancer patients in the hospital records correlated exactly with the geopathically stressed zones marked out on von Pohl’s map. This research has been described in his book ‘Earth Currents – Causative Factor of Cancer and other Diseases’. Further research, carried out by von Pohl and his medical associates, added asthma, depression, back pain, migraine, rheumatism, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, heart problems, and many other medical disorders to the list of illnesses that are liable to be associated with harmful earth radiation.

Dr. Ernst Hartmann MD (1915-1992), a German physician, came to the conclusion, after treating thousands of cancer patients over 30 years in practice, that cancer is a disease of location caused by earth radiation.

As a result of dowsing research, he described bands of interference fields (23cm-90cm wide) every 2-3 metres, criss-crossing the earth’s surface and running north south and east west. The highest incidence of cancer was where two bands crossed (Hartmann knot).

Dr. Manfred Curry (1899-1953) was a German born American and a successful and innovative yachtsman. He described another grid running diagonally to the Hartmann grid and confirmed Hartmann’s findings that cancer is caused by earth radiation. On one occasion, he dowsed several cancer houses, knowing nothing about the previous occupants.  Four other medical doctors observed the experiment as referees. In the first house, he found two bands of geopathic stress crossing a bed and pointed out that if anyone had been sleeping there for any length of time, they would have been affected in pelvic region. One of the doctors admitted with astonishment, that he knew of two women, who had previously occupied the same bed in that location, and had died of cancer of the uterus. Dr. Curry found similar correlations in the other houses.

Another eminent worker in the field was the Austrian schoolteacher, Kathe Bachler. During the 1970’s, she dowsed three thousand homes in fourteen different countries, and investigated GS related health problems in eleven thousand people. In her book, Earth Radiation, first published in 1978, she outlined many impressive and convincing case histories relating to GS. A second edition of her book was published in 2007 (see further reading).

Rolf Gordon, of Dulwich Health in Dulwich, has treated numerous people for GS. His book, ‘Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place’, is listed under further reading.

Conventional medicine and geopathic stress

Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, who is well known for his contributions to natural medicine, stated in the introduction to Kathe Bachler’s book (see further reading below), “although the medical profession in the U.K. is quite backwards in using dowsing to diagnose geopathic stress, many doctors in Germany, Austria and France use dowsers in their health care programmes”.

Geopathic stress- clinical considerations

The medical history may indicate that the health deterioration has taken place since moving home or changing work location and symptoms may improve when the patient is away from home. The previous occupants of the patient’s residence may have a history of chronic ill health. GS can break down the crystalline structure of building plaster, so that cracks in the walls and ceilings may be evident in geopathically stressed zones.

Exposure to earth radiation is initially experienced as insomnia, possibly associated with sleepwalking, nightmares, teeth -grinding and feeling abnormally cold in bed. On waking up in the morning, the sufferer is liable to feel abnormally tired with a muzzy head and a backache. Other symptoms include inability to concentrate, anxiety, depression, restless legs, muscle cramps, numbness, paraesthesia and tachycardia. Patients may present with serious medical conditions, including cancer.

GS may cause babies to cry continuously, children to be hyperactive with a tendency to asthma, eczema and bed-wetting and it may even cause cot deaths. Small children tend to move away from the GS zone to the side or one end of the cot. Women are liable to be sub fertile and prone to miscarriages. GS is also associated with marriage break-ups.

Clinically GS is a ‘block to recovery’, so that geopathically stressed patients do not respond favourably to conventional or standard alternative medical treatment until the GS has been addressed. Long-term exposure can undermine the immune system and lead to intestinal dysbiosis, chronic viral, bacterial and parasitic infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune conditions and cancer.

Some examples of health problems associated with GS in my own previous NHS practice include a child with chronic middle ear infection, who had not responded to treatment with antibiotics and grommets, and a child with severe epilepsy, who was so strongly sedated that he had become listless and apathetic. Both children recovered fully, and were able to stop their conventional treatment once their sleeping positions had been safely relocated.


Electromagnetic pollution (EMP)

People who are sensitive to EMP are liable to feel weak and ill in electrically polluted locations such as airport terminals and the Underground. A lady, who was sensitive to EMP in airports, described the sensation ‘as if her internal battery had been turned off’. The medical history may indicate many hours spent at a computer, proximity to electric installations (WIFI, cordless phones, high voltage power cables, generators and sick buildings). High voltage dental amalgam fillings are a much-overlooked cause of electrical stress. EMP due to high voltage dental mercury can be alleviated (short-term) with earthing technology (see below), pending safe removal of the toxic mercury amalgam dental fillings.


A Trifield metre can be used to locate interference fields caused by electrical installations. In some cases relocation is may be the preferred solution.

Case history

A child with severe chronic eczema was found with vegatesting to have electromagnetic stress. A Trifield Metre showed high levels of electromagnetic pollution in and around her home, which was traced to electric generators in a nearby factory. The eczema cleared up only when the family moved house and relocated.

Sick building syndrome (SBS)

Workers in steel and concrete office buildings are at risk of developing SBS, which is a type of chronic fatigue syndrome, sometimes referred to in young urban professionals as ‘YUPPY flu’. Although this syndrome is partly due to poor ventilation (air conditioning), and electromagnetic pollution from computers and WI-FI, it is also caused by the Schumann wave screening effect of the steel and concrete materials used in office building construction. Experimentally, animals become ill if they are kept in a specially constructed wire cages (Faraday cages) that have been designed to block the passage of Schumann waves. In space travel, Schumann waves need to be synthesised in order to maintain the astronauts in good health. Healthy buildings should therefore be constructed of natural materials such as glass, wood, brick and stone that do not block the passage of Schumann waves.


If EMP neutralising devices and improved ventilation prove ineffective, SBS patients may be advised to consider relocating to a healthier work place.

High voltage power cables

A well-documented scenario of health problems, relating to high voltage power cables took place in Britain during the 1970’s at Fishpond, Dorset. Many of the local residents experienced health problems such as lassitude, insomnia, anorexia, dizziness, and trembling. The electro-magnetic pollution was so strong, that a disconnected fluorescent light glowed when introduced into its field.

In the USA, it is illegal to place high voltage power cables within 350 yards of residential areas. In Britain, although the authorities take a laissez faire attitude to electromagnetic pollution, most people prefer not to live near electrical installations.

Cordless phones  (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications – DECT)

Ideally, these should be replaced with old-fashioned corded phones. A Trifield metre or dowsing rods can be used to investigate household electrical appliances. For example, the electrical field of a cordless phone charging in its base can be detected with dowsing rods at four meters, whereas out of its base, the detectable electro-magnetic field is reduced to about one metre. It is therefore prudent to charge bedroom phones during the day, and to keep the phone at least a meter away from one’s bed at night.

Radio and mobile phone masts and WIFI

This topic is discussed in a book by Dr. Samual Milham (see further reading). Here is an extract from an Internet review by Magda Havas.

Dr. Milham shares his experiences about his life and the work he did as an epidemiologist and medical doctor. He describes how, when, and why he did his research. The reader learns about electromagnetic fields, dirty electricity and the other forms of electro smog to which we are increasingly exposed. Dr. Milham shows how the increase in childhood leukaemia and the diseases of the post-industrial age (depression, suicide, heart disease, diabetes and cancers) are associated with electrification. While we are unlikely to give up using electricity and our wireless toys, we can certainly learn to use them more safely.

A great deal of information on electro pollution is available on the Net (e.g. The Swedish government has investigated the matter and has found that about 3% of the Swedish population is hypersensitive to electrosmog. This would equate to about two million people in Great Britain. In Sweden, the government pays for electro-sensitive people to have their houses protected with electrosmog impervious paint. Some towns in Europe (e.g. Salzburg) prohibit the use of WIFI in schools. In Britain, electro pollution is officially regarded as potentially harmful if it has a thermal effect: that is to say if it actually causes a measurable increase in body temperature. While electronic instruments are available to detect electrosmog (about $400 on the Net), in practice electrosmog is mostly accessed through pendulum dowsing (Bovis Biometer) and with bioregulatory approaches (e.g. vegatesting, Asyra, kinesiology etc.). Nevertheless, even without special equipment, observant clinicians should be able to suspect EMP from their patients’ case histories.


Mercury, electromagnetic radiation, autism and brain cancer

Deposits of mercury in the brain resulting from mercury contained in vaccines and from mercury dental fillings act as antennae receptors to electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from Wifi and radio emissions and consequently contribute to causing autism in children. Research also indicates that natural mercury detoxification is impeded by exposure to EMF radiation and enhanced by avoidance of EMF radiation (1).

(1) Mareia and Carlo, Australasian J of Clinical Environmental Medicine, Nov 2007.

EMF radiation in the brain promotes the development of brain cancer and mercury deposits in the brain from dental amalgam are particularly liable to act as radio wave antennae that attract harmful EMF radiation and promote the development of brain cancer. At this clinic, mercury detoxification is carried out under vegatest control.


Earthing is the practice of connecting the body to the ground, either directly by walking on damp grass or on a damp beach, or indirectly by using commercial earthing devices such as earthed mats or earthed bed sheets (from BEP Technology, Solihull, Ltd: Advocates of earthing suggest that build up of static electrons (free radicals) in the body causes fatigue and inflammatory disease. There is considerable anecdotal evidence in connection with people experiencing stronger pulses and less fatigue as a consequence of earthing (See further reading – Earthing by Clinton Ober).

Electromagnetic stress can be caused by a buildup of static electricity in the body, as a result of galvanic currents in dental amalgam fillings and from electrical installations. With vegatesting, if an earthing mat is indicated, the patient will test positive for electromagnetic stress, and placing the patient’s foot on an earthing mat will lower the health index and the patient is also likely to experience a clearing of the EMP linked brain fog.


Taking a daily warm bath containing Epsom salts can reduce bodily electrical pollution and optimise body magnesium levels.


Treatment of interference fields

Rolf Gordon’s approach


Rolph Gordon of Dulwich Health ( is experienced in the management of geopathic stress and related cancer. He claims to have treated over 5000 cases of cancer, and his approach is described in his book “CANCER – THE FULL MENU” (see further reading).

He advocates eliminating or reducing exposure to geopathic stress (earth radiation), treating associated pathogens with Allitech (stabilised allicin – a garlic derived antibiotic), treating oxidative stress with the anti-oxidant, Co-enzyme Q10, alkalising the biological terrain with Sodium Bicarbonate B.P. (up to one level teaspoonful, 5G, every four to six hours), and oxygenating the biological terrain with Oxytech (from Dulwich Health). Oxytech contains magnesium peroxide and has bowel cleansing and laxative properties.

At this clinic, although Rolph Gordon’s approach is taken into consideration, treatment is selected with vegtesting on an individual basis. For example, oral nano silver is an alternative to Allitech and balanced proprietary alkalising preparations may be prescribed for alkalising instead of sodium bicarbonate. Antioxidants are selected from a range of preparations including curcumin.

Suppliers of geopathic stress neutralising equipment

Dulwich Health ( markets the Raditech E9001 for geopathic stress.

Health Leads ( markets the Duplex III for GS and a Rayonator to neutralize EMP, which can be linked with synergistic effects.

Bioprotective Systems ( are the English agents of the German company, Bauer Biotec, and market the following devices.

The Green 8 Gold Office/Room Harmonizer neutralizes radiation from computers, monitors and printers) and geopathic stress. It can also be placed under a geopathically stressed bed or sofa etc. and is suitable for rooms rather than for whole buildings.

The Green 8 Gold Smartphone Shield neutralizes EMP from the newest mobile communications technology (3G, 4G and LTE) and is recommended for all smart phones, mobile phones, cordless DECT telephones, tablet computers and baby monitors.

The Transformer 22-30 and Transformer 22-100 claim to neutralize EMP from WIFI.





Helios 3

This can be connected via a USB terminal into the back of a computer or to the mains circuit via a USB adaptor plug usually in a bedroom. When plugged into the mains, it can help neutralise interference fields in a bedroom and adjacent areas. Nevertheless, if possible, the bed should be moved out of the geopathically stressed zone.

This device costs about £135 and is available in the U.K. from Jan Cisek (07956 288574). Mr Cisek recommends taking hot baths with Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) in order to drain away electricity from the body and to correct any magnesium deficiency.


The advertised benefits of the Helios 3 device include:

  • Protection from geopathic stress.

  • Counteracts EMF pollution (electrosmog).

  • Increased energy and mental clarity.

  • Better quality of sleep.

  • Boosts immunity, better response to treatment and nutrient absorption.

  • Greater ability to recuperate from long-term illness and inflammation.

  • Less hyperactivity in children.

  • More harmony in the family household.

  • Lower absenteeism and increased productivity in workplaces.

  • Enhanced feng shui.

PXD Biopyramid


The PXD Biopyramid is a miniature of the ancient Egyptian Great Pyramid of Giza, which is made and marketed in Albania, Eastern Europe. Externally, it is composed of ceramic material embedded with quartz crystals, similar to the lining the Great Pyramid of Giza. Internally, it is lined with stable vegetable (BIO-G) fiber. Research done by PXD claims that the bio pyramid neutralises a larger area of interference field than the Helios 3 device. The cost of a PXD Biopyramid is about €175 payable to PXDS INTERNATIONAL through PayPal.

For sales information, please visit the website –

The email address is


The Biopyramid is effective within a sphere, radius of up to 7.0 metres.  It works through walls and ceilings. It should be placed on the floor with the logo side facing north, either in the room below the main bedroom or on the floor of a downstairs room next to the wall that is adjacent to the main bedroom. 

About once a week, it is recommended that the lid be removed and the device placed outside in the sunlight for at least half an hour. Windy and rainy weather should be avoided. When it first comes, the lid is stuck on with adhesive tape, which should be removed.

With the Biopyramid in place, it is no longer necessary to switch off the Wifi at night.



Below, are some modern homeopathic preparations, that subject to vegatesting, may be included in an holistic treatment approach to interference fields.


For earth radiation

IODUM 5X – restlessness, insomnia

AGATE 6X – radiation, exhaustion

CUPRUM METALLICUM 6X12X, 30X – muscle cramps

PHOSPHORUS 18X – general weakness.




CORAL 1000X – insomnia, nightmares.


For electromagnetic pollution

SODIUM ALGINATE 3X  – blocks effects of radioactive strontium.

CITRUS LIMONUM 3X – impotence, memory loss, cancer.

HYDRANGEA ARBORESCENS – 4X, back pain, dizziness.

UNCARIA TOMENTOSA 3X, 6X- immune support, radiation, cancer.


MOBILE PHONES 6, 12, 30 X.


PHOSPHORUS 12X – fear in thunderstorms, fatigue.

RADIUM BROMATUM 22 X – anxiety, lumbar pain.



(For earth radiation and electro-magnetic pollution)

Alium cepa 2X – excretion and diuresis.

Arcitum lappa 3X – blood cleansing.

Bellis perrenis 4X supports metabolic functions.

Glechoma hederacea 6X. Tisue cleansing, metabolic regulation.

Hedeara helix 4X – anti-inflammatory.

Juglans regia 6X – reduces intestinal inflammation.

Sempervivum tectorum 12X – reduces blood dyscrasia and intestinal inflammation.


Although electromagnetic and geopathic stress can be significant causes of health deterioration, other unrelated adverse factors are also liable to be implicated (see http://www.vegatest,info).

Update (October 2019)

Dr.  Jacobs ( is a medical doctor with considerable experience in this field. Recently, a patient with geopathic stress was not helped with neutralising devices. She was, however, helped by on site healing of the interference fields by Peter and Jillian Stott, (TEL: 07989 675 971, Website: PJ Energy, who were highly recommended by Dr Jacobs, who also recommends (amongst others) – the large harmonizer made by Implosion Research Limited (Tel 01752345522).

The effectiveness of such devices should ideally be checked with on site rod dowsing and muscle testing prior to final purchase and it is suggested that geopathic stress neutralising devices are bought on a sale or return basis.

Dr Bourne (see is prepared to carry out rod dowsing in locations within easy driving distance of North London.

Dr Jacobs also suggests placing a layer of cork under the bed. The scientific basis for this is that the oak tree is one of the few trees that will grow in geopathically stressed locations. Large sheets of cork can be obtained from Beach Bros Ltd (01392 257891), who supply cork to the building trade and will deliver nationwide.

Further reading

Dirty Electricity. Samuel Milham MD, MPH. 2010.ISBN: 13:978-1450238229.

Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place? By Rolf Gordon: Dulwich Health Ltd, 130 Gipsy Hill, London, SE19 1PL.  TEL: 020 8670 5883.

Earth Radiation. Kathe Bachler. The Holistic Intuition Society, 2007.  ISBN 978-0-9686323-5-2.

Earthing. Clinton Ober.  Basic Health Publications, 2010. ISBN 978-1-59120-283-7.

Cancer The Full Menu. Rolf Gordon, Dulwich Health. 2010.

About the Author. Dr Stephen Bourne is a retired NHS general practitioner. He currently practices integrative medicine in Finchley, North London. (See

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