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Leaky gut syndrome is often implicated in chronic skin conditions: the gut lining becomes inflamed so that allergic particles of food pass through the gut lining and reach the rest of the skin, where they cause inflammation (chronic dermatitis) due to the release of inflammatory cytokines and histamines. 


Treatment of leaky gut syndrome includes selected prebiotics and probiotics for 'leaky gut syndrome', identifying and treating inflammatory bacteria, fungi and microparasites, supporting the immune system, identifying and excluding poorly tolerated foods, supporting the liver (main organ of detoxification) and naturopathic treatment for symptom relief.


Conventional steroid creams, although providing temporary symptom relief, both thin the skin and cause chronicity.


Contact dermatitis

This can be caused by airborne allergens, shoe rubber, house dust mite, washing powders, printers ink, fabric conditioners. Materials handled at work or recreation may also be involved. Offending allergic substances can be identified with vegatesting.



Inherited eczema is associated with miasms (an inherited homoeopathic concept) can be helped with selected constitutional (psionic) homoeopathy. Tuberculosis in a forebear is often implicated.


Causes include stress with adrenal exhaustion, a poor diet, food intolerances, a compromised immune system, leaky gut syndrome and zinc deficiency (particularly in young people). A sign of zinc deficiency is white spots on the fingernails.

If you are suffering from Dermatitis, Acne or Eczema, Vegatesting may be able to help. To book a consultation please call Dr Stephen Bourne on 020 8632 0119 or 07717 833702.

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