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Nano Minerals


Nano Minerals are marketed by Noble Naturals (01342 457170) and are available from The Natural Dispensary (01453 75779).


At this clinic, nano minerals are prescribed when indicated with vegatesting and clinical kinesiology (muscle testing).


The word “NANO” refers to very small particles that can be therapeutic. The particles are so small that they can get straight into tissue cells and become effective immediately.


Nano silver 

This has powerful antibiotic properties and is invaluable in treating antibiotic resistant infections such as herpes zoster and Lyme disease.


Nanoparticles of silver adhere to the surface membranes of the pathogens inside the infected cells and kill them by blocking the pathogen's oxygen supply.


Nano magnesium

This can treat insomnia associated with daytime tiredness, night cramps, headaches, low back pain and anxiety/depression.


Nano iron

This can treat iron deficiency anaemia, restless legs and hair loss.

Nano gold 

This has anti-inflammatory properties and may be used to treat arthritis and musculoskeletal pain. It also stimulates collagen production in the skin and has anti-aging properties.


Nano platinum 

This can help relieve migraine, premenstrual syndrome and ADHD (attention deficiency and hyperactivity disorder).


Coral Calcium

Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals contain calcium and magnesium in the ratio of 2:1. This preparation also contains 76 other essential minerals and trace elements. Only dead fossilised coral is used.


It comes as a white powder in a 50 G container. A level teaspoonful weighs about 3G.

THF Indium

Indium is a trace element and supplements can help with immune system support. 


INDICATIONS (subject to vegatesting)

Osteoporosis. (bone decalcification)

Gastric hyperacidity

Muscle cramps

Morning sickness in pregnancy

Alkalising the body for chronic infection and acid indigestion

Psychological disorders.    



The powder can be dissolved in water (not hot water), juice or yoghurt and taken by mouth.



Take a loading dose of about a level teaspoonful (3G) once a week and on the other days take about one third of a teaspoon (1G). A container is designed to last about a month.

Please see

for additional information.

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