A Few More Case histories

A boy with autism was found to have mercury poisoning from his mother’s mercury dental fillings that had crossed her placenta during pregnancy. His autism improved with naturopathic treatment for mercury poisoning.

A schoolboy had been ill on and off for five for years with bizarre skin rashes and had recently become too ill to attend school. He had not been helped by several hospital consultant physicians. With vegatesting, he was found to have a chronic bacterial infection (Lyme disease), which responded to integrative treatment. (For more information on this topic, please see the article entitled 'Lyme Disease' in the 'Some Articles' box above.)

A child, who had been diagnosed at a local hospital with coeliac disease (chronic loose motions), was put on a gluten free diet for life. With vegatesting, she was found to have an  intestinal microparasite infection (giardia lamblia) that responded to naturopathic  treatment and she quickly became able to eat an unrestricted diet. Currently,  many years later, she is a healthy, non medicalised young woman.

A little boy, with epilepsy was like a little zombie as a result of  heavy sedation prescribed by a conventional paediatric physician. With vegatesting, earth radiation (geopathic stress) was found to be the cause of his epileptic fits. This was confirmed with rod dowsing in his bedroom. The epilepsy cleared up completely once his bed had been safely relocated away from the zone of harmful earth radiation.

A man in his fifties, with malignant hypertension (very high blood pressure), had become extremely ill as a result of the side effects of conventional medical treatment. With vegatesting, he was found to have dental mercury poisoning. His blood pressure normalised with appropriate dental and naturopathic treatment. He is currently in his eighties and  in reasonable health. 


During 2010, Dr. Bourne was diagnosed at Barnet General Hospital with a skin cancer on his left ear (see photo). Following a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis, he was put on the waiting list for surgical treatment. The cancer cleared up in a few weeks with self-administered naturopathic treatment and his ear is still OK.

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