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Lyme disease is a deer tick-transmitted bacterial infection (Borrelia Burgdorferi) that can cause typical 'target' like skin rashes and chronic poor general health. The rashes do not appear consistently and may not appear at all, so that the diagnosis is frequently overlooked.

Conventional antibiotic treatment can be effectively provided it is started within a month or two of the initial insect bites.  If antibiotic treatment is not started early enough, Lyme Disease may not respond to conventional antibiotics and cause serious chronic health deterioration.



A boy aged ten had been unwell with painful rashes on his face and legs on and off for about five years and was first brought to this clinic during September 2016. He presented with inflamed painful skin rashes on his face and legs (see photos below). He was also angry, depressed and off school.













He had already been taken to five consultant physicians, none of whom made a diagnosis, although between them, they prescribed four courses of antibiotics, which were ineffective and actually aggravated his condition.


A diagnosis of Lyme disease had previously been made in a previous hospital full blood count, but this finding was overlooked by all the consultant physicians.

At this clinic, he was found with Vegatesting to have Lyme disease. Initial treatment included Samento, a natural antibiotic derived from the rain forest herb, Cat's Claw, naturopathic detoxification, probiotics (healthy intestinal microflora) and immune system support.

After several months of treatment, he appeared to have made a full recovery (see above photos) and was well enough to return to school.

During February 2018, after about eighteen months in remission, he had a minor recurrence of the painful skin rashes on his face and was brought back to this clinic.

With naturopathic treatment along the same lines as previously his rashes disappeared in a couple of weeks, although this time, Nano Silver (a naturopathic molecular silver antibiotic) was included in his treatment regimen. 

At the time of writing this (October 2020), there have been no further recurrences.

If you are suffering from Lyme disease, Vegatesting may be able to help. To book a consultation please call Dr. Bourne on 020 8632 0119 or 07717 833702.

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