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Thyroid Gland Disorders

Thyroid gland disorders are caused by endocrine disruption, which is chemical poisoning blocking healthy function of the endocrine system. Causes of endocrine disruption include exhaust fumes, dental mercury and agricultural, industrial and household chemicals.


Integrative medical treatment includes detoxification and naturopathic supplements to support healthy thyroid function together with reduction of exposure to chemical pollution, particularly to household chemicals and dental mercury.

Please also have a look at the article on endocrine disruption in the articles section on the main page of this website.


I’ve been told by my doctor that I have thyroiditis, which is treatable but not curable. Anyway, I have already given conventional medicine (Levothyroxine) a try for about for ten months and it did not help at all.  It actually made me feel worse and caused me to put on over a stone in weight even though my doctor had advised me to lose weight.

Out of desperation, I eventually consulted Dr Bourne and to my astonishment and relief, I felt a health improvement within 4-5 days of starting his prescribed treatments and have continued to feel better ever since


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