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1.    Do not take anything (including nicotine and

       toothpaste) except spring (non-chlorinated) water for

       at least fifteen minutes before or after taking

       homeopathy. Spring water may be drunk five

       minutes before or after taking homeopathy.

2.    Do not touch homeopathic pills.  Always place them

       directly under the tongue from the container cap or

       from a sheet of plain (print free) paper. 

3.    Homeopathic drops can be put straight under the


4.    Different homeopathic preparations can be taken

       at the same time. If you have been prescribed

       several liquid homeopathic preparations, it is OK

       to drop a dose of each preparation into a glass

       containing about half an inch of spring water and

       then to sip the contents.

5.    For children, alcohol can be removed from liquid

       homeopathic preparations by putting the dose into a

       glass containing about an inch of warm spring

       water and then allowing about twenty minutes for

       the alcohol to evaporate.

6.    Keep homeopathic medicines out of direct sunlight. 

7.    If travelling by air, it is advisable to individually wrap

       homeopathic medicines containers in plastic

       wrapping (Cling film) enclosed in an outer covering

       of silver foil and transport in the hold luggage.

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