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Dr Bourne qualified in medicine at the Royal London Hospital in 1966. Following a career as an NHS general practitioner, he specialises in naturopathic integrative functional medicine using Vegatest technology.  


His interest in vegatesting began in 1981, when an NHS patient with extremely high blood pressure (malignant hypertension) and intractable migraine, that had not responded to conventional treatment, consulted a medically qualified vegatester, who treated him for dental mercury poisoning in collaboration with a mercury free dentist. The patient made a quick recovery and now about forty years later is in his nineties. 


Dr. Bourne initially trained in vegatesting at The Centre For The Study Of Complementary Medicine in Southampton with Dr. George Lewith, Dr. Julian Kenyon and Dr David Dowson and subsequently attended a course in advanced vegatesting in London with John Morley. He has also attended numerous courses, conferences, and seminars.


During retirement from general practice, he completed a three-year course in homotoxicology (modern homeopathy) at The Academy of Homotoxicology and Bio-regulatory Medicine and in 2004 gained an honours diploma. In 2015, he was appointed an Honorary Fellow of the British Society of Bio-regulatory Medicine. 

He has been a guest lecturer in naturopathic integrative medicine for the Biomedic Centre in London and for the British Society of Homeopaths to whom he gave a talk on electromagnetic radiation.​

He is a full member of the Complementary Medical Association and is insured with Westminster Insurance through the British Register Of Complementary Practitioners.


During November 2020, he gave a thirty minute Zoom talk to the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine on the toxic effects of mercury amalgam in dentistry.   


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