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"Never has so much harm been done to so many by so few". 

Professor Murrray J Vimy

(Professor of oral medicine at Calgary University, Canada, speaking about dental mercury in the year 2000).



 Dental mercury poisoning is not covered in medical and dental textbooks so that most doctors and dentists are unaware of the problem. Treatment for dental mercury poisoning is not available in the NHS.

 Although medical treatment of toxic dental mercury is available at this clinic (see, self-medication and self-referral to a mercury-free dentist are likely to be the preferred options for most people. 


Measuring the voltages on your amalgam fillings                                 Set an electrician’s voltmeter to measure up to 2 volts. Get someone to place one probe gently on the inside of your cheek and the other on a 'silver' mercury amalgam filling.  Record all the voltages associated with all the ‘silver’ fillings. This data will subsequently be shared with your ‘mercury free’ dentist. Amalgam fillings with voltages above 100 mV are most likely to be replaced first.

 People with high-voltage amalgam fillings and associated abnormal tiredness and ‘brain fog’ report a clearing of their symptoms immediately after removal of their high voltage amalgam dental fillings. This immediate effect is not due to the removal of toxic mercury, it is due to the removal of the associated pathological electric currents.


Earthing mat                                                                                             An earthing mat can be bought on the Internet (e.g., from It should be connected by a cable to the main earth. You can earth yourself by sitting barefoot on the mat and also by using it in bed at night. Having a shower, walking on a beach and on damp grass also have a beneficial earthing effect. 


Modern homoeopathic drainage                                                            Dental mercury poisoning impairs kidney function and it is recommended that you take a modern homoeopathic kidney function support preparation, ideally starting several weeks before having your high voltage amalgam dental filling replaced. ​ A suitable preparation is Kidney Liquescence from New Vistas, Ireland (00353 61 334455). The adult dose is one teaspoonful (5ml) taken twice a day at least fifteen minutes away from eating and away from chelation therapy (see below). 

Chelation therapy                                                                                      This helps the body to excrete mercury. A suitable preparation is Zeolite Plus from Water for Health (01764 662111).  An average dose of Zeolite Plus for adults is 7 drops twice a day taken by mouth in spring water.

Dental considerations
The safe removal and replacement of mercury amalgam fillings require post-graduate dental expertise, and a list of suitable mercury-free British dentists is available is on the website of the British Society for Mercury-Free Dentistry ( Some mercury-free dentists provide naturopathic medical treatment for dental mercury poisoning. 

Ongoing treatment                                                                                   Modern homeopathic drainage and chelation therapy should be continued for several months after the mercury amalgam dental fillings have been replaced.


 All your mercury amalgam dental fillings should eventually be replaced.

General considerations                                                                            Heavy chewing and very hot drinks cause the extra release of mercury from amalgam dental fillings. In view of this, please avoid chewing gum and very hot drinks.

 Alkalising the saliva reduces the battery effect (metals in acid), so using an alkalising toothpaste such as Arm and Hammer can help.

 Also, consider taking an alkalising preparation to keep the first-morning urine pH above 7 (slightly alkaline - measured with urine pH test strips). Alkalising preparations are available from Higher Nature (01435 883702) and Water for Health (01764 662111).  

If you are suffering from Dental amalgam related illness, Vegatesting may be able to help. To book a consultation please call Dr. Bourne on 020 8632 0119 or 07717 833702.

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