Common cold


  1. Have a flu immunization from a pharmacist or doctor’s surgery.

  2. First Defense spray should be squirted up the nose at the first signs of a cold.  Buy some right away and keep it on standby.

  3. Throughout the world, colds are most prevalent during Winter when the days are shortest and taking vitamin D3 (the sunshine vitamin) supplements reduces susceptibility. This is available from Nutri (0800 043 57777) as Vitamin D3 high strength tablets (5000 units) – 60 tablets - one tablet daily.

  4. Have chicken soup.

  5. Have some kefir yoghurt (natural probiotic). 

  6. Elderberries and blackcurrants contain immune system boosting flavonoids. Black elderberry juice is marketed as Sambucol Original from health food shops and online (Amazon).

  7. Zinc has antioxidant properties and also supports the immune system. It is contained in whole grains, seafood and chicken soup and as supplements from health food shops and chemists.

  8. Symptomatic relief: hot lemon, honey and whiskey drinks, analgesics (soluble aspirin etc), propolis and Fisherman’s Friend lozenges, decongestant oral preparations and nose drops.

  9. Have an annual Vegatest to optimize immune system function.

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