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Some causes of health deterioration

Acidic biological terrain


Aluminium toxicity

Autoimmune disease

Compromised immune system

Constitutional problem (indication for classical homoeopathy)

Digestive enzyme insufficiency

Dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome

Electromagnetic radiation

Environmental toxicity

Exhaust fumes toxicity

Female Hormone deficiency

Food intolerance

Free radical overload

Heavy metal toxicity (mercury and cadmium)

High voltage metallic (mercury amalgam) dental fillings

Immune system weak

Infection (viral, bacterial, fungal and protozoal)

(Many so-called IBS sufferers have an intestinal micro-parasitic infection.)

Inhalant allergy


Intestinal dysbiosis

Miasms - inherited tendencies

(e.g. particularly associated with asthma and eczema)

Nutritional deficiencies

Pollution - exhaust fumes

Organ dysfunction (e.g. adrenal, liver, pancreas, thyroid)

Psychological stress and depression

Sex hormone imbalance

Stress (adrenal gland exhaustion)


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