Cancer & Integrative Medicine

In the United Kingdom, it would be illegal for anyone other than a medically qualified oncologist to treat cancer. Nevertheless, some adults opt for selected self-administered non-toxic treatment, ‘since chemotherapy, with all its cruel and degrading side effects, is remarkably ineffective, contributing only about 2% to the five-year cancer survival rate. This amounts to only about an extra five weeks of life expectancy over a five-year period’ (1). ​ 

Cancer is a stress related illness

Cancer is a stress related illness. Unremitting stress causes adrenocortical exhaustion, which is associated with cancer (2). Causes of stress include severe anxiety, poor nutrition, high voltage mercury amalgam dental fillings, cadmium poisoning from traffic fumes, urban and industrial chemicals and harmful electromagnetic radiation. At this clinic, such causes of stress are identified and treated.  ​

Self-administered cancer treatment can include:

1. A low sugar diet.

2. Alkalising.

3. Systemic enzyme therapy.  

4. Detoxification and immune system support.

1. Prior to the First World War, Dr Otto Warburg, a German multiple Nobel prize winner, pioneered a low sugar diet as a cancer treatment. His rationale was that since cancer cells depend on sugar for mitochondrial proliferation, depriving them of sugar prevents them from replicating.  A low sugar diet sheet is available at this clinic. 

2. Support for alkalising cancer patients has been provided by the French researcher, Antoine Béchamp (1816-1908), who studied sterile living red blood corpuscles under a powerful microscope. He  observed that acidifying such preparations caused spontaneous development of pathogens. Alkalising supplements for self-medication can be recommended at this clinic.

3. Cancer cells have thickened cell membranes that protect them from biological destruction by the body's immune system (apoptosis). Systemic enzymes taken orally digest (thin) pathologically thickened cancer cell membrane walls and by this means promote apoptosis (3).

Systemic enzyme therapy can be prescribed at this clinic ostensibly to improve cardiovascular health. Under current regulations, it would be illegal for them to be prescribed as a cancer treatment.  

4. Naturopathic detoxification and immune system support treatment may increase the likelihood of spontaneous recovery from cancer. The case histories of two cancer patients, whose cancers cleared up coincidentally with  naturopathic health optimisation, are included in the testimonials section of this web site. 


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