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Common cold

  1. First Defense spray should be squirted up the nose at the beginning of a cold.  Buy some before you catch a cold and keep it on standby.

  2. Have a flu immunization from a pharmacist or doctor’s surgery. Estimates indicate only about a 50% protection.

  3. Use a sunlamp during Winter. See article on 'Winter Blues'

  4. Support you immune system. See article on Immune System Support. Have some homemade chicken soup.  

  5. Eat some kefir yoghurt (natural probiotic).

  6. Elderberries and blackcurrants contain immune system boosting flavonoids. Black elderberry juice is marketed as Sambucol Original from health food shops and online (Amazon).

  7. Zinc has antioxidant properties and supports the immune system. It is contained in whole grains, seafood and chicken soup and as supplements from health food shops.

  8. Symptomatic relief                                                  Hot Lemon, honey and whiskey drinks.                Analgesics: soluble aspirin etc.                        ---Propolis/Fisherman’s Friend lozenges.   Decongestant oral preparations and nose drops.

  9. Have an annual Vegatest to optimize your              immune system function.

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