Cancer and complementary medicine

In the United Kingdom, it would be illegal for anyone other than a medically qualified oncologist to treat cancer. Nevertheless, some adults opt for self-administered naturopathic treatment, ‘since chemotherapy, with all its cruel and degrading side effects, is remarkably ineffective, contributing only about 2% to the five-year cancer survival rate, which amounts to only about an extra five weeks of life over a five-year period’ (1).

Cancer is associated with impaired immune system function and consequent biological inability to naturally destroy cancer cells as they develop (apoptosis). This is why conventional research designed to further impair immune system function is questionable science.

The immune system is liable to be compromised by stress factors such as psychological stress, dental mercury poisoning, cadmium poisoning from traffic fumes, harmful electromagnetic radiation and by environmental chemical pollution (endocrine disruption).

There are many authenticated case histories in which naturopathic treatment to support the immune system in cancer patients, has resulted in so-called ‘spontaneous recovery’.

At the London Centre for Complementary Medicine, the causes of cancer are identified and treatment is selected from ranges of naturopathic preparations.

Therapeutic strategies used at this clinic are as follows.

  1. Intestinal dysbiosis (inflammatory intestinal microflora) is treated with selected supplements of prebiotics and probiotics.

  2. Naturopathic supplements are selected and prescribed to support the patient’s immune system function.

  3. Budwig cream (2) made from flax seed oil and cottage cheese may be prescribed to correct the essential fatty acid deficiency that tends to be associated with cancer.

  4. Cancer cells have thickened cell membranes, that protect them from natural destruction by the patient’s immune system (apoptosis). This  enables cancer cells to spread (metastasise) to other parts of the body. To rectify this problem, selected systemic enzymes are prescribed to digest and thin the thickened cancerous cell walls and to help the immune system to naturally destroy the cancer cells (3).

  5. Herbal bloodroot preparations can be applied locally for skin cancer or taken orally for systemic cancer (4). Dr Bourne has successfully treated a skin cancer on his own ear using this approach. See photo on the front page of the clinic website.

  6. Supplements to support the immune system can be selected from homeopathic, nutritional and herbal preparations. For example, a case of breast cancer has been treated successfully with DIM (di-indole methane) to support female hormone balance, Essiac tea and a spirulina/chlorella preparation (6).

  7. Over the past twenty-five years Rolf Gordon (5) has successfully treated over 5000 cancer cases and his approach is employed at this clinic.


(a) Make sure that the patient is not sleeping in a zone of earth or electromagnetic radiation (7).
(b) Eliminate pathogenic microbes in the blood with a garlic derived natural antibiotic (Allitech) and with alkalising salts to alkalise the biological terrain. At this clinic, nano silver may be prescribed instead of Allitech.
(c) Support the immune system with antioxidants, e.g. Coenzyme Q10, Oxytech. At this clinic astaxanthin has been found to be a particularly effective antioxidant.


With naturopathic complementary medicine, there are no universal cancer treatment protocols, so that double blind controlled clinical trials of particular treatment regimens are not always feasible and, in consequence, treatment tends to be selected according to a practitioner’s preference and clinical experience.

With integrative medicine, causal diagnosis and treatment selection are made through electronic bio-resonance technology (vegatesting) and/or by muscle testing (clinical kinesiology).

At this clinic, causal diagnosis and treatment selection are made initially with vegatesting and are checked with muscle testing.

For medico-legal reasons, treatment should be self-administered.

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Stephen Bourne MB, MCMA.
The London Centre for Complementary Medicine