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In the United Kingdom, it would be illegal for anyone other than a medically qualified oncologist to treat cancer. Nevertheless, some adults opt for self-administered non-conventional treatment, ‘since chemotherapy, with all its cruel and degrading side effects, is remarkably ineffective, contributing only about 2% to the five-year cancer survival rate. This amounts to only about an extra five weeks of life over a five-year period’ (1). ​ 

Naturopathic treatment

​At this clinic, vegatest technology is used to select treatment for self administration from the following approaches.

1. Budwig cream (2), made from flax seed oil and cottage cheese, is used to correct essential fatty acid deficiencies. A printout of how to make and take Budwig cream is available.

2. Cancer cells have thickened cell membranes that protect them from normal natural destruction by the body's immune system (apoptosis). Systemic enzyme therapy may be recommended to thin the thickened cancer cell membrane walls in order to promote natural destruction of the cancer cells by the patient’s immune system antibodies. (3)

3. A herbal bloodroot preparation can be self-applied locally for skin cancer (Cansema paste) or taken orally, self-administered, as Cansema Tonic (4) for systemic cancer (e.g. cancer of the breast or colon). Dr Bourne has successfully treated a skin cancer on his own ear with Cansema paste. Samples of Cansema products are available at this clinic for vegatesting purposes.

Extensive conventional research has already failed to synthesise the active components of the rainforest herbs contained in Cansema preparations and it would be uneconomical for pharmaceutical companies to market unpatentable cancer treatments even though there is considerable conventional research  confirming that these rain forest herb preparations are highly effective for treating cancer.

Cansema preparations can be purchased online (5).

4. Rolf Gordon of Dulwich Health, London, has successfully treated over 5000 cancer patients (6).

His approach is as follows.  

  1. Eliminate geopathic stress (earth radiation).

      (See articles section on the main page of this


   2. Treat chronic infection. Mr Gordon recommends

       Allitech (a garlic derived antibiotic). At this

       Clinic, Nano Silver is also tested.

   3. Antioxidant treatment. At this clinic a range of

       antioxidants (including Co-enzyme Q10) can be


   4. Alkalising salts to raise the body’s pH level. 

       Alkalising improves tissue oxygenation and

       eliminates micro-pathogens in the blood. At this

       clinic, the urine pH is checked pH test strips.

    5. Cancer is caused by prolonged exposure to any

        type of stress - psychological, physical and

        chemical (7). Prolonged stress causes the

        adrenal gland to secrete cancer promoting

        hormones rather than healthy stress hormones. 

        Causes of stress include pathological anxiety,

        dental mercury poisoning, cadmium poisoning

        from traffic fumes, industrial chemical pollution

        and harmful electromagnetic radiation. At this

        clinic, relevant stress factors are identified and




There are several naturopathic treatments available to help with cancer. Vegatest technology  makes it possible to identify the individual  causes of cancer and to select appropriate  naturopathic treatment from ranges of treatment options.


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     Cansema Testimonials for 2014 - Alpha Omega 



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1. If you have a runny nose with catarrh, you only have a common cold.

If you are coughing up yellowish phlegm, you are likely to have a bacterial chest infection rather than coronavirus.
2. Coronavirus pneumonia presents with a dry cough, no runny nose, no sputum and difficulty breathing. There may also be chest pain.
3. Coronavirus does not survive in hot sunny climates with temperatures of above about 26 degrees. 

4. Good hydration and hot drinks are beneficial. 
5. If someone with coronavirus sneezes, there is a risk of spreading the infection within a radius of about ten feet. 
6. If the virus lands on a metal surface, it will survive for at least twelve hours - so if you come into contact with a metal surface - wash your hands as soon as possible. 
7. The virus can survive on fabric for 6-12 hours. Normal hot washing with detergent will destroy it.
8. Wash your hands frequently as the virus can survive on hands for 5-10 minutes. Hand washing also reduces the risk of transferring the virus from one's hands to one's eyes, nose and mouth. 

9. Support your immune system with vitamin D3 (the sunshine vitamin).

E.g. Vitamin D3, High Strength (5000 i.u.) 60 tablets,

from Nutri Advanced (0800 043 5777). Take one tablet daily.

Initially, there is a sore throat lasting 3-4 days. After 5-6 days, there is high fever with difficulty in breathing, chest pain and a dry cough with no phlegm. There may be other atypical signs and symptoms so that Covid19 can be  difficult to diagnose from symptoms. 



A recent article in the World Foundation for Natural Science concluded that although 5G radio transmissions are unlikely to be the direct cause of coronavirus, they are, nevertheless, an environmental pollutant and that environmental pollution predisposes to infectious diseases. See:

During March 2020, Switzerland became the first country to ban 5G radio transmissions because of health concerns. See:




These are small discs that prevent the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. The technology is supported by scientific research: for example, plants exposed to harmful electromagnetic radiation grow better when protected with smart energy dot technology.


Energy dots are available from  and

Dr Bourne wears a Biodot in a small wallet in his back trouser pocket and has a Smartdot stuck onto the back of his wrist watch. His wife, Valerie, has confirmed with muscle testing (kinesiology), that these reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from a smartphone and from a computer router. 


Infections are less likely to affect people, who are slightly alkaline with a pH of above 7 (see below). An alkalising diet contains plenty of fruit and vegetables, organic meat (does not contain antibiotics) and organic fish. Sourdough bread and organic eggs are OK.  Processed foods that contain colourings and preservatives (particularly processed meat) and sugary foods should be kept to a minimum. Alkalising supplements can also be taken if necessary.


Alkalising supplements should be taken at least an hour before or after meals so as not to interfere with digestion. ​

Initially, one teaspoonful of baking powder (sodium bicarbonate) in about half a glass of water should be taken three times a day until a balanced alkalising preparation and pH test strips can be obtained.

A balanced alkalising preparation + pH test strips is available as Alkamax powder from Water for Health (01764 662111)


A first morning urine pH should be routinely tested with the pH test strips and the dose of alkalising salts adjusted to maintain a first morning urine pH of between 7 and 7.4 (slightly alkaline). ​ 


The spray can be used about four times a day to spray nano silver into the nose and throat. It is suggested that a litre of nano silver is bought at the same time as the spray to be used to top up the spray and as a standby for treatment of subsequent acute infections that have not responded to conventional antibiotics.  



Nano silver is a naturopathic antibiotic that looks and tastes like water. The recommended oral dose for acute infections is 15 ml (one tablespoonful) to be taken four times a day. The liquid should be held in the mouth for as long as possible before swallowing – ideally for about one minute.

Nano silver from a nano silver spray should also be sprayed into the nose and throat at least four times a day.


It is suggested that two litres of Nano silver and a nano silver spray are purchased initially.

Nano silver preparations are available from the Natural Dispensary (01453 757 792) and from Noble Naturals Ltd (01342 457 170).


Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) introduced the germ theory of infection during 1880s. At about the same time, another French scientist, Claude Bernard (1813-78), who is regarded as the father of modern physiology, introduced a rival ‘milieu intérieur’ (biological terrain) theory of infection. Bernard proposed that the biological terrain is of greater importance in causing infectious disease than the microbe. ​

Shortly before he died in 1895, Pasteur conceded to Bernard, with the remark, ​


“La bactérie n’est rien. C’est le terrain qui fait tout!”


​Since then, it has become evident that both schools of thought are relevant to the spread of infection.


With dark ground microscopy, it has been shown that alkalising the body (biological terrain) significantly reduces the number of pathogenic microbes in infected subjects' blood samples. In view of this finding, it is standard practice in naturopathic medicine to include alkalising salts in the treatment of microbial illnesses.


Environmental pollution from industrial chemicals, exhaust fumes and electromagnetic radiation impairs healthy global ecosystems predisposing  to epidemic infectious diseases.