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Autism has several unrelated causes: e.g. geopathic stress (earth radiation), electromagnetic radiation (from phone and radio masts), nutritional deficiencies (vitamin D and essential fatty acid) and particularly mercury poisoning from maternal 'silver' amalgam' dental fillings. If the mother of an autistic child has mercury fillings, it is likely that mercury is the cause of autism as mercury is known to cross the placenta.


The high risk of foetal mercury poisoning from the mother is why dentists are not permitted to put mercury dental fillings into pregnant women's mouths as dental mercury crosses the placenta and poisons unborn babies. More information on this can be found in the article on dental mercury in the 'articles section' in the main page of this website. 

At this clinic, the mothers' of autistic children routinely have their mouths checked for mercury fillings. If found the child is treated naturopathically for chronic mercury poisoning  


New Vistas Health (Ireland) has developed some supplements specifically for psychological aspects of paediatric autism.

For example:

IMMIFLEX-KIDS. This contains vitamin D and beta glucans for immune system support.

SERDROP. This contains homoeopathic serotonin to improve mood.

FATTY ACID LIQUESCENCE. This is an essential fatty acid preparation can improve cognitive behaviour.

LED (LEARNING DISABILITY). This is a modern homeopathic preparation to improve mental clarity.

CALM CHILD is for hyperactive children.

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