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"I first went to see Dr Bourne about 4 years ago after being prescribed unnecessary drugs by my GP. I had a persistent cough that my GP thought was due to acid reflux and  I was prescribed various drugs that made me very ill and affected my skin and did nothing to help the urticaria. I was recommended to Dr Bourne. On my first visit, he took his time asking me lots of questions and using his knowledge and skills assisted by a high-tech Vega testing machine. I found out that Dr Bourne doesn't just treat symptoms; he identifies and treats the causes of the symptoms.  He prescribed some naturopathic treatments and within a week, I felt much better. All the symptoms had cleared up within 3-4 weeks. I have recommended Dr Bourne to all my family and they have also had good results".   Mick P











Dr Bourne is a retired GP specialising in non-toxic medicine using vegatesting technology. 

Clinic Address: 10 Cyprus Avenue, Finchley, London, N3 1ST.

Website: www.vegatest.info.

Zoom talk on mercury amalgam dental fillings

In November 2020, Dr Bourne gave a thirty-minute talk to the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine on the toxic effects of mercury amalgam in dentistry. To view the presentation, please copy and paste the following link into your web browser:


Making an appointment

Please phone  020 8632 0119 or 07717 833702, ideally between 9-10.30 am and 5.00-6.30 pm on weekdays. If the line is busy or there is no answer, please email your enquiry with your phone number to vegatest.info@gmail.com and indicate good times for a callback.  

Vegatesting is unsuitable for home visits.


Consultations take about two hours and usually start at 10 am and at 3 pm.  


Initial consultation - £200. 

Follow-up consultation - £150

Payment by cash or bank transfer.

(NOT by credit card).


Vegatesting uses electronic bio-resonance technology to identify the causes of health

deterioration and to select naturopathic treatment. Please click on 'vegatesting' in section 8 in the upper box opposite or on 'vegatesting' in section J-Z in the header index for further information on vegatesting. 


Vegatest health screening is summarized in the lower box opposite.  

This clinic is not equipped for conventional X-rays and blood tests

Common causes of poor health

                 HIGH-VOLTAGE 'SILVER' MERCURY AMALGAM DENTAL FILLINGS                          Toxic high-voltage mercury dental amalgam is not included in conventional medical textbooks. (See the article on DENTAL MERCURY RESEARCH in the header index.)



Conventional medicine regards IBS as a psychosomatic disorder ('worry guts') and treatment is symptomatic with antispasmodic and anxiolytic drugs. At this clinic, IBS has been found to be mainly caused by a treatable INTESTINAL MICRO PARASITE (giardia lamblia). (See the article on irritable bowel syndrome in the header index).

Some other causes of chronic health deterioration

Environmental toxicity (e,g. traffic fumes), unhealthy intestinal microflora (dysbiosis), a compromised immune system, allergies, food intolerances, chronic infections (viral, bacterial and paracytic), harmful electromagnetic radiation and stress-related adrenal gland exhaustion.



Vegatesting is a branch of integrative medicine that can enable practitioners to identify the causes of health deterioration and select appropriate non-toxic treatments. Dr Bourne started vegatesting over forty years ago while in NHS general practice when a patient with migraine and high blood pressure, who had not responded to conventional medical treatment, was helped by a vegatesting doctor, who identified high voltage mercury amalgam dental fillings as the cause of medical problems.

For information on vegatesting, please click section 8 in the upper box opposite or on 'vegatesting' in section J-Z of the header index and have a look at the testimonials below.

Vegatest equipment is marketed by Wegamed in Germany as the 'Test Expert Plus'.

Is conventional medicine more scientific than integrative medicine?

​Arthritis can be caused by intolerance to foods in the nightshade family of vegetables (tomatoes, peppers and aubergines). For this type of arthritis, it is more scientific to exclude such foods from patients' diets than to prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs - ibuprofen and diclofenac), which have side effects such as indigestion, abdominal pain and gastrointestinal bleeding. A clinical trial on NSAID treatment for arthritis due to poorly tolerated foods would not be at all scientific! 

While conventional medicine is suitable for many medical issues, e.g. acute infections, cardiac pacemakers, diabetes and cataract and hip replacement surgery, it is less effective for chronic medical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, chronic dermatitis, allergies, autoimmune illnesses and anxiety/depression. This is because conventional medical treatment tends to suppress symptoms rather than address the causes of health deterioration. 

In 2007, David Rose wrote in The Times (2) that nearly 3000 patients had died in the United Kingdom over the previous three years as a result of taking prescription drugs and that thousands more had been hospitalised because of their side effects. He also reported that the number of adverse drug reactions (ADR) had increased by 45 per cent over the previous ten years. Conventional drugs most implicated were low-dose aspirin, diuretics, the anticoagulant drug warfarin, non-steroidal anti-arthritic drugs (ibuprofen and diclofenac) and proton pump inhibitors (cimetidine and ranitidine) prescribed for gastric hyperacidity. The side effects of proton pump inhibitors include fatal gastrointestinal bleeding and fatal gastrointestinal infection.

The testimonials below support the use of vegatest technology for illnesses that have not responded well to standard medical treatment. 


1. The Problem with Conventional Medicine.

    (Section J-Z in the header index.)

2. Allergy to medicine is killing thousands.

    (The Times. Dec 27, 2007.)



The causes of health deterioration and appropriate naturopathic treatments are identified. Vegatest technology encompasses complementary medicine, integrative medicine, functional medicine, holistic medicine, nutritional medicine, herbal medicine, Bach Flowers, bio-resonance medicine, classical and modern (complex) homoeopathy and allergy testing. ​ 


Dr Bourne's wife, Valerie, is a clinical kinesiologist, who checks his vegatest findings with muscle testing. When a treatment that has been provisionally selected with vegatesting is not confirmed with muscle testing, vegatesting is repeated until the two systems agree. 


Alopecia, allergy, anxiety/depression, autoimmune disease, Crohn's disease, chronic dermatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic infection, coeliac disease, dental mercury, dermatitis, eczema, endometriosis (1), food intolerance, gastric hyperacidity, high blood pressure, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, psoriasis, thyroid gland malfunction (1), ulcerative colitis.​ ​

1. See 'endocrine disruption' in section E- I in the header index. 

Although cancer is not specifically treated at this clinic, two cases of cancer are included in the testimonials section below. In these, the patients' cancers cleared up coincidentally with naturopathic health optimisation. This website also includes information on self-help for cancer. (See 'CANCER' in the header index). 


  • Please drink an extra glass or two of water as vegatesting is most effective when you are well hydrated.

  • Ladies, if possible, please do not wear tights as vegatesting at this clinic involves access to your left foot. 

  • Please come with clean feet as testing is done (painlessly) on the side of a toe of your left foot.


Please do not wear a battery watch or have a mobile phone in a pocket as batteries have electric fields that could interfere with the electronic technology. Wearing jewellery is OK. 

If you have a headache or a muzzy head due to high voltage mercury amalgam dental fillings, you will be earthed while being vegatested by placing your bare right foot on a rubber earthing mat connected by a cable to a mains earth. As a result, accumulated electricity in your body will flow away to earth and your headache should improve.


Please ensure that you have picked up all your belongings, particularly your water bottle, watch, jewellery, gloves, medicine samples and medical papers.


Since the 1980s, Dr Bourne has collected thousands of naturopathic treatment test samples for vegatesting purposes and it would be impractical for him to stock and sell so many preparations. In view of this, patients order their prescriptions by phone or Internet and pay for them by credit card.

After a consultation, Dr Bourne will email you with how to order and how to take the selected treatments.


By train to Finchley Central Station

(High Barnet branch of the Northern Line)

Please phone Dr Bourne (07717833702) from Finchley Central or from East Finchley station to let him know that you are on your way. The clinic is about half a mile from Finchley Central Station (a ten to fifteen minutes walk). Please phone rather than text. 

Get off the train at Finchley Central Station. At the top of the steps (a lift is also available) turn right towards the Regents Park Road exit. At the station exit, turn right into Station Road where there are shops. At the main road (Regents Park Road) -  turn left. After a few hundred yards at Ellis Estate agents and a clock tower, fork right into Hendon Lane. Cyprus Avenue is then a few turnings along on the right after St Marys Avenue. The clinic (10 Cyprus Avenue), is a private house on the right, a few houses along.


By car

There are no parking restrictions on Cyprus Avenue. If possible, please phone rather than text Dr Bourne (07717833702 or 020 8632 0119) with an ETA when you are about half an hour away. N.B.  Please ensure you navigate to 10 Cyprus Avenue and not to nearby Cyprus Road or Cyprus Gardens. 


By bus (13 or 460) via Golders Green

Get off the bus at the East End Road bus stop in Regents Park Road, walk up Cyprus Road, turn right into Hendon Lane, cross the road and enter Cyprus Avenue. The clinic (10 Cyprus Avenue) is a private house a few houses along on the right. If possible, please phone Dr Bourne (07717833702 or 020 8632 0119) when you cross the North Circular Road on the bus to let him know that you are about 15 minutes away. Please phone rather than text.



Dr Stephen Bourne

Zoom talk on mercury amalgam dental fillings.

In November 2020, Dr Bourne gave a thirty-minute Zoom talk on the toxic effects of mercury amalgam in dentistry to the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. To view the presentation, please copy and paste the following link into your web browser.​ https://www.vegatest.info/australasian-talk


Alternatives to gluten-free 

Anxiety and depression

Autoimmune conditions


Cancer and complementary medicine

Causes of health deterioration

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Common cold


Covid prevention with zinc and vitamin D3 and vitamin C 

Crohn's disease

Dental mercury poisoning 

Dental mercury - practitioner treatment guidelines 

Dental mercury - proposed conventional research

Dermatitis, acne and eczema


Electromagnetic pollution and radiation

Endocrine disruption

Endometriosis and polycystic ovaries

First aid  

Food intolerance 

High blood pressure and stress

Healthy eating

House dust mite sensitivity

How to take homoeopathy.

Hydration, alkalising and health

Immune system support


Integrative naturopathic medicine explained

Irritable bowel syndrome 


Nano minerals

Lyme disease

The problem with conventional medicine

Thyroid gland malfunction  

Vegatesting explained

Winter blues (seasonal affective depression)

Some articles are also included in the  'ARTICLES BOX' opposite.




“I first consulted Dr Bourne in August 2020 because I had been feeling abnormally tired for years. He identified two high-voltage mercury amalgam dental fillings as the cause of my tiredness. After vegatesting me and prescribing some naturopathic treatment for mercury poisoning, he advised me to consult a mercury-free dentist with a view to having my high voltage mercury amalgam fillings replaced. 

I initially visited a mercury-free dentist in September and the fillings were replaced in November. Since they were replaced, I have no longer felt abnormally tired and have been able to concentrate better at work. My tiredness actually cleared up immediately after the amalgam fillings were changed. Apparently, this was due to removing the sources of electricity in my mouth.

I used to have a sore throat every winter; this year, it returned again in September. It also cleared up immediately after my high-voltage dental fillings had been replaced. 

I highly recommend Dr Bourne’s approach and I’ve very much appreciated his professional, open-minded and patient-focused attitude. He makes accurate diagnoses and identifies the most appropriate treatment pathways, interacting with the patient and putting passion into his approach. 

Elena (November 2020) 



Dental amalgam fillings contain several metals particularly mercury, zinc, and tin. Saliva is acidic and such metals in the acid form a battery that generates electricity. It is this electricity in people’s mouths rather than chronic mercury poisoning, that causes dental amalgam patients to feel abnormally tired. An earthing mat can temporarily drain away the static electricity and help such electrically stressed people to become clearer headed. 

Conventional research on cadavers has shown that mercury from amalgam fillings is deposited particularly in the brain and in the kidneys. Mercury particles in the brain are micro aerials that attract harmful electromagnetic radiation and cause people with dental amalgam to feel ‘phased out’ when in electromagnetically polluted areas such as airports and underground railways. 

Mercury deposited in the kidneys impairs renal function, which is why there is a much higher incidence of renal failure in patients on dialysis in wealthy countries than in third-world countries that cannot afford much dental treatment. 

Replacing mercury amalgam dental fillings causes a release of mercury into the body. In view of this, mercury-free dentists may collaborate with colleagues, who can treat mercury poisoning. 


A couple of years ago, I had an inoperable tumour in a lymph node in my lower bowel. Conventional cancer treatment had not helped and I felt very low. I first attended The London Centre for Complementary Medicine in August 2019 and by April 2021 my tumour had gone. My hospital oncologist has attributed this to ‘spontaneous recovery.’Dr Bourne’s approach included identifying harmful electromagnetic radiation as the primary cause of cancer. He picked this up with vegatesting. Dr and Mrs Bourne subsequently came round to my house and identified the location of the harmful radiation with rod dowsing and muscle testing.

They recommended Peter and Jillian Stott, who do home visits to clear harmful electromagnetic radiation (PJEnergySolutions.com). After Peter and Jillian had been around, I straightaway felt less stressed out, less fearful, and confident that I was, at last, going to get better. Dr Bourne explained that harmful electromagnetic radiation is an incompletely understood phenomenon.

Amanda Grossman (April 2021)



Conventional treatment had been ineffective for her cancer and vegatesting indicated that harmful electromagnetic radiation was implicated. (See INTERFERENCE FIELDS in the ARTICLES section opposite and in the header index). I prescribed some selected homoeopathic treatments for electromagnetic radiation, for an associated viral infection and to improve lymph drainage. I also prescribed alkalising tablets to make her body more alkaline and more resistant to infection. I next asked some specialists in Feng Shui ( PJEnergySolutions.com) to visit her house to clear the harmful radiation (interference fields). My treatment approach was to improve her general health in order to increase the likelihood of her making a spontaneous recovery. I did not specifically treat her cancer. 


"I went to see Dr Bourne as I've been suffering from severe eczema for as long as I can remember. He identified the causes of my eczema - mercury amalgam dental fillings in particular. After a month of naturopathic treatment and the replacement of two mercury fillings, my eczema went and I felt so much better. He explained everything during the consultation and came across as very experienced and knowledgeable. He's also an approachable and caring person and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to really look after their health." (Ana)

“I first consulted Dr Bourne in March 2018 after receiving a high PSA (prostate antibody) result and consequently having been put on the NHS rapid pathway for prostate cancer treatment that included prostate biopsy. I found Dr Bourne via his website after searching for an experienced medical doctor, who used an integrative approach. Following a thorough initial consultation that included vegatesting, he prescribed naturopathic remedies to support prostate function and to reduce inflammation and toxicity. He also referred me to a holistic dentist for the removal of some high-voltage mercury amalgam dental fillings, which he identified as a source of toxicity that was adversely affecting my prostate gland. Subsequent monthly follow-up visits enabled me to make ongoing health improvements and to gain confidence in Dr Bourne's approach. Over the past eight months, my PSA levels have consistently reduced over four separate measurements and are now normal.  My general health has also improved. In view of this, I have decided against having a prostate biopsy while my PSA levels are normal, although I will, however, continue to have my PSA levels checked. Dr Bourne also cured my hay fever, which considerably improved my quality of life over the summer. I recommend him without reservation to anyone with chronic health problems and will continue to rely on his expertise into the future".
Steve W


“Overall, I have been very happy with Dr Bourne and his advice on integrative medicine. He is very thorough, takes his time and explains everything very well. He is obviously very knowledgeable. I would be very happy to recommend his treatment and services to anyone in a similar situation.” Tina

Her son had been unwell with bizarre skin rashes on and off for five years. When he first came to this clinic, he was too ill to attend school. He had already been taken to five consultant physicians, who prescribed antibiotics that did not help. With vegatesting, he was found to have Lyme disease, a tick-transmitted antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection. This case history is summarised in the 'Some articles' box opposite and in the header index.


"The only Dr to have cured my son's alopecia! I am delighted to have found Dr Bourne!! 

A year ago, my son developed alopecia (patchy scalp hair loss). The NHS and highly recommended expensive private doctors were all unsuccessful in causing my son's hair to regrow. My son was affected emotionally and I looked everywhere for someone who could help him. Then I heard about Dr Bourne. He was more affordable and I loved the fact that he was knowledgeable in both conventional and alternative medicine. He patiently tested for possible causes. Initially, the prescribed medications did not have the desired effect, so he asked us to return for a free retest. This time he was spot on and the patches shrunk rapidly. We watched as the rapidly developing patches that were by now very noticeable, covering almost half his head, disappeared. All with medications that have no side effects and are natural! I highly recommend Dr Bourne - he's pleasant, patient and more interested in curing his patients than making money.
Hadassah B


"I first went to see doctor Bourne about 4 years ago after being described as unnecessary drugs by doctors. I had a persistent cough and my local GP thought it could be acid reflux causing it. I was given various drugs to control the reflux. This made me very ill and affected my skin. I kept getting episodes of urticaria. I was recommended to Dr Bourne. On my first visit he took his time asking me lots of questions and after the consultation, he used his knowledge and skills assisted by a high-tech vegatesting machine. I found out that Dr Bourne doesn't just look at symptoms but he looks at the root causes of symptoms and he deals with the causes in order to prevent future episodes from happening. Dr Bourne prescribed some homoeopathic treatments including detox treatment. I felt much better within a week and all symptoms cleared up within 3-4 weeks. I went back after about 6 weeks to get retested and found that everything had improved, I have recommended him to all my family and they have also had good results". Mick P


"Dr Bourne has a very informed and holistic approach to medical diagnosis. Being a dentist, Stephen has referred patients to me for dental treatment, when he has identified a dental issue implicated in the patient's medical condition. The patients of his whom I have seen, have spoken highly of his approach and report they are very happy with the results of his therapy. On the strength of his reputation, I myself have consulted Dr Bourne for my own health needs, and was very impressed with his recommendations.”
(Dental practitioner - name withheld)



"My 9-year-old son was easily angered and had very low self-esteem. He hated himself and the world. The vegatesting was painless and just involved touching a spot on the side of one of my son's toes with a blunt instrument. It sounds strange, but honestly, it is amazing! Dr Bourne prescribed drops that contained homoeopathy and Bach flowers. I've been adding them to my son's drinks for a few weeks and the difference in his personality is incredible. He is now so calm and doing really well at school. He goes to bed with no dramas and has become very sweet with his younger brother and happy to do his homework. Highly recommend a visit to Dr Bourne".


"I have had four consultations with Dr Bourne. He used vegatesting to assess my general health and to help me with a longstanding digestive problem. This diagnostic method confirmed the presence of an intestinal parasite and revealed two other problems, which might not otherwise have been found. The diagnostic process is carried out with great care and precision in a reassuring and healing environment. I feel better after treatment, which included dietary advice and herbal and homoeopathic remedies. I am very pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of this non-invasive holistic therapy. I shall return to Dr Bourne to monitor my progress or if any other problems occur".



"I first visited Dr Bourne during a very worrying time in June 2020.  A consultant surgeon had recently diagnosed a cancerous nodule in my thyroid gland and had advised me to have a total thyroidectomy.  Dr Bourne’s treatment included naturopathic detoxification and naturopathic thyroid gland support, which helped immeasurably during my healing journey. Coming for treatment with him was a profound healing experience and it was fascinating how his vegatest findings related to my current health and how my health improved after each treatment session.  I have recently had another thyroid scan, which this time did not show the cancerous nodule. The surgeon said that although he no longer recommends thyroidectomy, he will continue to see me every year to check for any cancer recurrence.  If I had not consulted Dr Bourne, I would probably already have had my thyroid gland surgically removed.  Dr Bourne has asked me to mention in my testimonial that he does not treat cancer and that his approach is naturopathic health optimisation. Even so, it does seem to me that his naturopathic treatment and the disappearance of my thyroid cancer were not just coincidental. 

Susie (November 2021)  

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These articles can be found in

the header index.

  1. Lyme Disease

  2. Integrative medicine

  3. The problem with conventional medicine

  4. Electromagnetic radiation

  5. Endocrine disruption*

  6. Cancer and complementary medicine

  7. Dental mercury poisoning 

  8. Vegatesting

* Endocrine disruption (5) covers endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, type 2 diabetes, and abnormal thyroid function. 


     A session lasts about two hours

     and provides information on:

     1. The biological age (health                   index).  

     2. The causes of health 


     3. Stressed body organs. 

     4. Allergies and food sensitivities

     5. Nutritional deficiencies.​  

     6. Indicated naturopathic