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"I went to see Dr Bourne as I've been suffering from severe eczema for as long as I can remember. He identified the causes of my eczema - mercury amalgam dental fillings in particular. After a month of naturopathic treatment and replacement of two mercury fillings, my eczema went and I felt so much better. He explained everything during the consultation and came across as very experienced and knowledgeable. He's also an approachable and caring person and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to really look after their health."   (Ana)

The Clinic

Dr Bourne is a retired NHS general practitioner with a long interest in naturopathic medicine. (See 'Dr Stephen Bourne' in the header index).

Most people who attend here have chronic medical conditions that have not responded to other systems of medicine. For example with dermatitis, vegatesting can identify allergies that have been missed with conventional patch testing: one boy, with chronic dermatitis, who had already been taken to several hospital consultants, was found here to have Lyme disease (see article 1 opposite). .

Clinic address

10 Cyprus Avenue, Finchley, London, N3 1ST.


(Please first read through this introductory page). 

Phone: 07717 833702.

Email: vegatest.info@gmail.com. 

Please include your name, phone number and good times for call back.

Website: www.vegatest.info


Initial consultation - £200.

Follow-up consultation - £150. 

(Payment only by cash, cheque or bank transfer).

Vegatesting (article 8 opposite)

This is a bio-electronic approach to integrative (functional, holistic) medicine (article 2). Integrative medicine is the modern approach to naturopathic medicine (naturopathy).

Vegatesting is painless and does not involve needles or electric shocks.

Internet criticism of vegatesting 

An investigative journalist has reported inconsistent vegatest food allergy testing results by a few health food shop workers. 

Vegatest treatment

(See the vegatest health screening box opposite.)

Treatment is naturopathic and selected from ranges of homeopathic, nutritional and herbal preparations.

Food intolerance and allergy testing are included.

At this clinic, towards the end of a consultation, Dr Bourne's wife, Valerie, who is an experienced clinical kinesiologist,  checks the vegatest findings with muscle testing. If there is a discrepancy, vegatesting is repeated.

Some causes of health deterioration

Adrenal gland exhaustion (chronic stress), allergies, anxiety and depression, dental  mercury poisoning, dysbiosis and leaky gut syndrome (inflammatory intestinal microflora), chronic infection  (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites), food intolerance, earth radiation/geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation (article 4), environmental toxicity (domestic, urban, industrial and agricultural), immune system weakness, nutritional deficiencies. 

Some conditions treated at this clinic 

Alopecia, allergy, anxiety/depression, autism, autoimmune conditions, Crohn's disease, chronic dermatitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic infection (including old glandular fever, Lyme Disease, candida and chlamydia), coeliac disease, dental mercury (see below), eczema, dermatitis, endometriosis, food intolerance, gastric hyperacidity, high blood pressure, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, metabolic syndrome (1), psoriasis, ulcerative colitis.​ 

(1) Metabolic syndrome (article 5 opposite) is caused by chemical poisoning, particularly from dental mercury, cadmium in motor exhaust fumes and aluminium in cooking utensils. This syndrome is associated with paradoxically high insulin and low blood glucose levels and predisposes to diabetes, thyroid gland disorders and polycystic ovaries. Prolonged exposure to such chemical poisoning can cause cancer.


A consultation averages two hours. Follow-up consultations are about every four weeks. The clinic is closed on weekends.

Before you come

  • Please drink an extra glass or two of water as vegatesting is less efficient if you are dehydrated.

  • Ladies, if possible, please do not wear tights as vegatesting entails access to the left foot.

  • Testing is done (painlessly) on a the side of a toe of the left foot, so please come with clean feet.

  • If you are already taking naturopathic supplements and would like to have them checked, please do not take them on the day you come and bring samples with you.

During vegatesting

Please do not wear a watch or carry a mobile phone as batteries have electric fields that could interfere with the electronic testing. 


Since the 1980’s, Dr Bourne has collected thousands of naturopathic test samples for vegatesting purposes. It would be impractical for him to stock so many preparations and in view of this, patients order their treatments by phone from the suppliers and pay by credit card. After a consultation, Dr Bourne emails a prescription containing information about how to order the recommended treatments.


The problem with conventional medicine (Article 3) 

With high blood pressure, for example, pharmaceutical drugs with side effects are prescribed to lower the blood pressure. This can make the patient feel tired and depressed. With integrative medicine, the stress factors that are causing the raised blood pressure are identified and treated by detoxification, identifying and treating dental mercury poisoning, excluding poorly tolerated foods, Bach flower therapy for anxiety and advice on lifestyle modification. This approach reduces the high the blood pressure without toxic side effects.

Similarly, in conventional medicine, irritable bowel syndrome is regarded as a psychosomatic condition and treated with antidepressants and antispasmodics, both of which have side effects. With integrative medicine, the underlying cause is generally found to be an intestinal micro parasite (Giardia Lamblia) that  responds to naturopathic treatment. 

Conventional medicine also favours polypharmacy. For example, someone who is tired, depressed and irritable as a result of 'treatment' for high blood pressure, may also be prescribed antidepressant drugs with additional side effects.

Dental mercury (article 7) is a major cause of chronic poor health. Most British dentists believe that it is safe, even though protective clothing must be worn by technicians preparing amalgam fillings and even though dentists must dispose of removed mercury fillings in sealed containers in order to prevent it from contaminating the ecosystem.

Dental mercury has already been banned in the Scandinavian countries. In the UK, it is not permitted for young children or for pregnant women because mercury is known to cross the placenta.


Dental mercury in pregnant women is liable to cross the placenta and subsequently cause autism in the child. It is therefore advisable for women with mercury fillings to have them safely removed prior to conception.


Dental treatment from a mercury free dentist should be carried out in conjunction with naturopathic treatment for mercury toxicity because such  dental procedures cause release of mercury into the body. (Article 7).


At this clinic, autistic children, whose mothers have mercury dental fillings are checked for chronic mercury poisoning.



Cancer is caused by stress, which can be physical, chemical or psychological. (Article 3 - Selye's General Adaptation Syndrome).

Physical stress is caused by sunburn, electromagnetic radiation (article 4) and exhaustion.

Chemical stress is caused by nicotine in tobacco, poor nutrition, dental mercury, cadmium from exhaust fumes, aluminium from cooking utensils and agricultural and industrial chemicals.

Psychological stress is caused by bereavement, social isolation and chronic depression.


Any type of prolonged stress depletes the adrenal glands of healthy stress hormones causing them to secrete unhealthy cancer promoting hormones. (Article 3 - Selye's General Adaptation Syndrome).

At this clinic, vegatest technology is used to identify and treat the stress factors that cause cancer and to optimise biological function. 


Vegatest technology can also used to identify potentially therapeutic naturopathic cancer treatments for self-administration. (See 'cancer' in the header index). 


Dr Stephen Bourne 

Acne, dermatitis and eczema 

Alternatives to gluten free 

Anxiety and depression

Autoimmune conditions


Chronic fatigue syndrome

Common cold


Crohn's disease 


Electromagnetic pollution

Endometriosis and polycystic ovaries 

First aid  

Food intolerance 

High blood pressure

Healthy eating

House dust mite sensitivity

How to take homoeopathy.

Hydration, alkalising and health


Irritable bowel syndrome 

Nano minerals

Thyroid gland malfunction  

Winter blues (seasonal affective depression)


By train to Finchley Central

(High Barnet branch of the Northern Line)

The clinic is about half a mile from the station (ten to fifteen minutes walk).


Dr Bourne can meet patients by car just outside the station exit by prearrangement (see below). 

Please phone Dr Bourne (07717833702) from East Finchley Station (the overground station before Finchley Central) to let him know that you will be arriving shortly. Exit the train at Finchley Central Station. At the top of the steps (a lift is also available) turn right  towards the Regents Park Road exit and wait by the station exit where there are nearby shops. (Outside the other 'Ballards Lane' exit, there is a car park and no shops).

Dr Bourne will come in a grey Smart car or a grey Skoda SUV.

(This service is suspended because of social distancing).  

By car

There are no parking restrictions in Cyprus Avenue. If you cannot find convenient parking, you are welcome to park across the house driveway (10 Cyprus Avenue, Finchley, N3 1ST).

By bus (13 or 460) via Golders Green

Get off at the East End Road stop in Regents Park Road, walk up Cyprus Road, turn right into Hendon Lane, cross the road and enter Cyprus Avenue. The clinic (10 Cyprus Avenue) is a private house a few houses along on the right. 

More testimonials

A man with prostatitis
 “I first consulted Dr Bourne in March 2018 after receiving a high PSA (prostate antibody) result and consequently being placed on the NHS rapid pathway for prostate cancer treatment that included prostate biopsy. I found Dr Bourne via his website after searching for an experienced medical doctor, who used an integrative approach. Following a thorough initial consultation that included vegatesting, he prescribed naturopathic remedies to support prostate function and to reduce inflammation and toxicity. He also referred me to a holistic dentist for removal of some high voltage mercury amalgam dental fillings, which he identified as a source of toxicity that was adversely affecting my prostate gland. Subsequent monthly follow up visits enabled me to make ongoing health improvements and to gain confidence in Dr Bourne's approach.
Over the past eight months, my PSA levels have consistently reduced over four separate measurements and are now normal.  My general health has also improved. In view of this, I have decided against having a prostate biopsy while my PSA levels are normal, although I will, however, continue to have my PSA levels checked.
Dr Bourne also cured my hay fever, which considerably improved my quality of life over the summer. 
I recommend him without reservation to anyone with chronic health problems and will continue to rely on his expertise into the future".
Steve W

A schoolboy with Lyme Disease 

“Overall, I have been very happy with Dr Bourne and his advice on integrative medicine. He is very thorough, takes his time and explains everything very well. He is obviously very knowledgeable. I would be very happy to recommend his treatment and services to anyone in a similar situation.” Tina

Her son had been unwell with bizarre skin rashes on and off for five years. When he first came to this clinic, he was too ill to attend school. He had already been taken to five consultant hospital doctors, who prescribed courses of antibiotics that did not help him. With vegatesting, he was found to have Lyme disease, a tick transmitted antibiotic resistant bacterial infection. This case history is summarised in the 'Some articles' box opposite.

Jenni (2018)

A case of Alopecia Areata

"The only Dr to have cured my son's alopecia!
I am delighted to have found Dr Bourne!! 
A year ago, my son developed alopecia (patchy scalp hair loss). The NHS and highly recommended expensive private doctors were all unsuccessful in causing my son's hair to regrow. My son was affected emotionally and I looked everywhere for someone who could help him.
Then I heard about Dr Bourne. He was more affordable and I loved the fact that he was knowledgeable in both conventional and alternative medicine. He patiently tested for possible causes. Initially the prescribed medications did not have the desired effect, and so he asked us to return for free to try to prescribe again. This time he was spot on and the patches shrunk rapidly. We watched as the rapidly developing patches that were by now very noticeable, covering almost half his head, disappeared. All with medications that have no side effects and are natural! I highly recommend Dr Bourne - he's pleasant, patient and more interested in curing his patients than making money"!
Hadassah B

A case of Urticaria

"I first went to see doctor Bourne about 4 years ago after being described unnecessary drugs by doctors. I had a persistent cough and my local GP thought it could be acid reflux causing it. I was given various drugs to control the reflux. This made me very ill and effected my skin. I kept getting episodes of urticaria. I was recommended Doctor Bourne. On my first visit he took his time asking me lots of questions and after the consultation, he used his knowledge and skills assisted by a high-tech Vega testing machine. I found out that Doctor Bourne doesn't just look at symptoms but the root cause and to treat and prevent future episodes from happening. I was prescribed some homeopathic treatments including a detox treatment. I felt much better within a week and all symptoms cleared up within 3-4 weeks. I went back after about 6 weeks to get retested and found that everything had improved, I have recommended him to all my family and they have also had good results". Mick P

From a Dentist

"Dr Bourne has a very informed and holistic approach to medical diagnosis. Myself being a dentist, Stephen has referred patients to me for dental treatment, when he has identified a dental issue implicated in the patient's medical condition. The patients of his whom I have seen, have spoken highly of his approach and report they are very happy with the results of his therapy. On the strength of his reputation, I myself have consulted Dr Bourne for my own health needs, and was very impressed with his recommendations.”
(Dental practitioner - name withheld)

A Boy Prone to Outbursts of Anger

"My 9-year-old son was easily angered and had very low self-esteem. He hated himself and the world. The vegatesting was painless and just involved touching a spot on the side of one of my son's toes with a blunt instrument. It sounds strange, but honestly it is amazing! Dr Bourne prescribed drops that contained homeopathy and Bach flowers. I've been adding them to my son's drinks for a few weeks and the difference in his personality is incredible. He is now so calm and doing really well at school. He goes to bed with no dramas and has become very sweet with his younger brother and happy to do his homework. Highly recommend a visit to Dr Bourne".

A Case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

"I have had four consultations with Dr Bourne. He used vegatesting to assess my general health and to help me with a longstanding digestive problem. This diagnostic method confirmed the presence of an intestinal parasite and revealed two other problems, which might not otherwise have been found. The diagnostic process is carried out with great care and precision in a reassuring and healing environment. I feel better after treatment, which included dietary advice and herbal and homoeopathic remedies.
I am very pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of this non-invasive holistic therapy. I shall return to Dr Bourne to monitor my progress or if any other problems occur".



Please follow the links below for articles on the following topics. 

1. Lyme Disease
2. Integrative medicine
3. The problem with conventional medicine

4. Electromagnetic radiation

5. Endocrine disruption*

6. Cancer and complementary medicine

7a. Dental mercury  poisoning (abridged)  
7b. Dental mercury poisoning (unabridged)

8. Vegatesting

*Endocrine disruption (5) covers endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, type 2 diabetes and abnormal thyroid function.. 


A session lasts about two hours

and provides information on:

1. The health index (overall              toxicity).       
2. The causes of ill health.
3. Stressed body organs.
4. Allergies and food

5. Nutritional deficiencies.
6. The indicated naturopathic


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